About Us

Big Sale is a website 100% dedicated to real sex doll, silicone love doll, silicone legs and torso, silicone hands, silicone feet.

Our goal is to gather a wide range of products to allow our customers to have fun the way they want.

We don't judge anyone and nobody should judge you.

We are located in Japanese as it is the best place to be when dealing with manufacturers.

A reliable seller

Buying a silicone love doll is always a significant expense. You need to be sure we are legit, reliable and that after we have received your payment, we will actually ship your order.

We completely understand your concerns and rest assured that we maintain 100% order fulfillment.

We attend many expos relating to the sex toys/dolls industry.

In this photo of one of our booths, you can see our Katarina doll and our Japanese doll as well, both available for sale on our website.

You are also welcome to visit our factory here in Asia.

Although we are located there, 99% of our customers are from the US, Canada, Europe & Australia.